October 24, 2007

Berlin will probably be forever locked in a tie with New York City for the title of “My favorite city.” Being back was fun and exciting, but not in the sense that I actually did anything fun or exciting. I was there for a few days, which were mainly spent visiting my old haunts and generally just basking in the ol’ Berlin feeling.

I stayed at my old apartment, with my old roommates, though in a different room of the apartment. Two major improvements had been made since my departure. These were the additions of wireless internet and a dishwasher.

I did go to the GLS, my old language school, which was mostly the same. I used the lounge and read their books, as I always used to.

I wish I had gone to visit the Kindergarten (day care) in which I worked as a volunteer last year, but somehow I never found the time. That, and I felt like it would be a little weird to just show up unexpectedly one day.

Truly, for my excitement and enthusiasm for Berlin, I don’t have much to say about it. It’s not the kind of place to write home about, perhaps. It’s just the kind of place to live in and enjoy.


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