My apartment

October 24, 2007

My apartment is sweet. It’s particularly sweet in the sort of way my job teaching algebra at St. Saviour was. Namely, it causes people hearing about it to exclaim, “Wow, that’s awesome, but your laziness in this situation, by contrast with your achievements, provides evidence that the universe is unjust.” I moved to Vienna for real on September 28th, with plans to report for work on October 1st, which required some quick action on my part to secure a housing solution. I had made an effort of sorts the weekend before, and found apartment searching rather difficult.

Fortunately, I was at least able to conduct the search at my own leisure, thanks to, through which I found Stefan, a friendly guy in the 10th district who happily hosts travellers. Well, finding a WG that would take me in proved harder than I thought, and after two weeks, Stefan offered to let me stay and pay rent.

So now I’ve got my own personal 9 m² of space, and with wireless internet to boot. For this, I am paying 80 € per month. I’m one lucky guy.

Things have been getting better and better around the apartment lately, as I have acquired various bedding necessities, first a pillow (after two weeks of sleeping with my head on my laundry), then a proper duvet cover. Yep, I’m pretty happy with my current set-up.


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