October 24, 2007

Since arriving in Europe, I have been in regular contact with my friends and family back at home. First there was e-mail, then there was voice chat, now I have moved on to video chat. And of course, I’m reachable 24/7 via my cell phone here in Austria. I tell you, fleeing to Europe just ain’t what it used to be.

I was talking to my friend the other day on Skype while he was riding the subway to Coney Island to meet a friend. He didn’t actually know where he was going, so I quickly google mapped his location and gave him directions. At which point, we were both struck by some vague but profound feeling of unease. It’s just not natural to get directions around New York City from a person sitting at a computer in Austria.

There I go, talking like a hippie again. Anyway, the point is, Skype me if you get a chance.


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