Bibliotheke in Wien

November 2, 2007

Don’t bother looking for a Bibliothek in Wien. You won’t find one.

If, however, you are in the know, you will realize that in Austria, a Bibliothek is called a Bücherei.

What a language.

Anyway, as Thomas Jefferson was reported to have said (in Civilization IV), “I cannot live without books.” As such, I was excited to discover that Vienna has quite a well-equipped Bücherei at the public’s disposal. Soon, I will get a library card (which costs a hefty 18€/year), and the world will be my oyster.


One Response to “Bibliotheke in Wien”

  1. library mistress Says:

    Dear William, that’s only true as far as public libraries are concerned – you’ll find Universitaetsbibliotheken, Landesbibliotheken, Nationalbibliothek, Spezialbibliotheken, Museumsbibliotheken… plus, there is a certain tendency to call Büchereien “öffentliche Bibliotheken”.

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