The weather

November 12, 2007

Austria is a depressing country, weather-wise. I ought to keep good statistics in order to prove my point, but then again, proving my “depressing” assertion only requires me to show what it feels like.

Well, it feels like it’s cloudy and gray on 95% of mornings here in Vienna. Among those cloudy and gray starts, it remains relentlessly cloudy and gray for the entire day about two-thirds of the time. On days when the weather is clear enough for me to see blue sky, it will rarely stay that way for long. Within an hour, the window in which to experience nice weather is gone.

I don’t think I’m just being biased here: the weather really is awful. When I have mentioned this fact in my classes, students and teachers assure me that “It’s only like this until Summer.” I can take some comfort in that.


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