Wiener Zentralfriedhof

November 12, 2007

Given all the posts I dedicate to complaining about Austria and Vienna, I ought to point out one of the nice things this city has to offer: The Wiener Zentralfriedhof (The Vienna Cemetery).

In the Zentralfriedhof are the remains of over three million people, including famous people like W.A. Mozart (though I have yet to actually find his monument). That’s more than the number of living people in Vienna. As this number implies, this cemetery is huge. It is beautifully designed, quiet (naturally), and well-maintained. If you like cemeteries generally (which I do), this is a very good one to visit.


2 Responses to “Wiener Zentralfriedhof”

  1. tripinchina Says:

    My brother Dylan always finds ridiculous ways to point out that Mozart was buried in a mass unmarked pauper’s grave. This is true, apparently, and somewhat at odds with your account.

    Incidentally, my brother always brings this up because he wants to make a point about how society will always misunderstand and fail to appreciate genius, and the related point that it is very difficult to make money as a musician without compromising your principles. I always counter with the fact that George Friedrich Handel was buried in Westminster Abbey, the burial place of English kings.

    Anyway, I only mention this because it seems like if there is a Mozart memorial in the Zentralfriedhof, it would not actually correspond to where Mozart was buried.

  2. William Says:

    Good point, as Wikipedia says:

    Eines der von Touristen am häufigsten besuchten Grabmäler, jenes von Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, ist allerdings lediglich ein Denkmal, da sich die sterblichen Überreste Mozarts auf dem Sankt Marxer Friedhof befinden (wo jedoch die genaue Lage von Mozarts Grab nicht bestimmbar ist, da er aufgrund der josephinischen Reformen in einem Schachtgrab beerdigt wurde).

    One of the most popular tourist attractions is the memorial to W.A. Mozart. However, it is only a memorial, because the remains of Mozart are located at the St. Mark’s cemetery (though the exact location of his remains is unknown).

    Fair enough. I was under the impression that they moved the remains, but according to Wikipedia, it is not so.

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