Liberal Academia

November 13, 2007

College campuses (campi) are generally leftist and hostile to the opinions and positions of right-wing/conservative students. This is taken as an article of faith by the conservative community, with conversatives in a constant state of outrage about things like the case of the Duke lacrosse players (leftist professors conspire against white students), and, more recently, the University of Delaware’s dorm life program where they required students to undergo social sensitivity training. An excerpt from the program can be seen here.

I suppose I’d find being a libertarian a lot less fun if I didn’t believe that most people disagree with me, and as such that it provides a good opportunity to argue with people. It’s one of the reasons I’m thinking of becoming a socialist when my friends get old and become conservatives. Still, have I just been indoctrinated by the rightists to believe that everybody’s against me, or are they all really against me?


2 Responses to “Liberal Academia”

  1. hayley Says:

    smarter than a fish. not taking the bait.

  2. William Says:

    Not really bait, I’m just saying: The fact is, most conservatives believe there is a vast left-wing conspiracy to indoctrinate children and college students with liberal beliefs.

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