November 24, 2007

Way back in 2006, when I was spending my days relaxing in Berlin, I got involved in a conversation about the significance of stories like those of King Midas, the Fisherman and his Wife, or that one Twilight Zone where the couple gets to make three wishes. In all of these stories, the main character or characters have the opportunity to make a wish, and find themselves the victims of unintended negative side-effects of their wish’s fulfillment.

Are these stories significant at all? Are they trying to claim that we live in the best of all possible universes, or is the whole thing just a game, having some fun with irony?

Well, whatever the answer to those questions, The Open Source Wish Project is an awesome website.

Favorite quote:

Re: A Wish for Immortality

Remember the standard D&D ‘solution’ to a wish for invulnerability: the character is placed in a kind of temporal stasis, completely unchanging for all eternity. We don’t want to let the genie do this to us.”


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