Religious Conundrums

December 3, 2007

I am working on some religious posts, but since I can’t seem to produce anything, I’m just going to post some hilarious religious stuff for the moment.

First, there’s something from Cracked magazine. Remember that magazine? I don’t mean, do you remember actually reading it, because I don’t think anyone did. But remember seeing it, next to MAD? Well, apparently they still exist, and this article was recently brought to my attention.

Badass Bible verses.

I looked these verses up, and they are real, a fact which seems like it has to imply something about the Bible.

I listened to a speech the other day on whether the Old Testament God was the same merciful God found in the New Testament. I wasn’t convinced, and only partially because the whole thing was in German.

Second order of business: a quick clip from South Park, which acts as a sort of motivation for the essay I may someday finish on why I am a Catholic.

On second thought, I can’t ruin the aesthetics of my site with embedded video. Here’s the clip.


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