This American Life

January 23, 2008

Yesterday I listened to This American Life for the first time. Why hasn’t anybody told me about this show before? It’s great. Among the shows amazing features is that Ira Glass has the perfect voice, perfectly calibrated to give you that “you’re listening to NPR, you must be smart and cultured” feeling. I feel like I’m better than everyone around me when I’m listening to this show. On top of that, it’s immensely entertaining.

I’m working my way backwards through the show. I started at Episode #342, and just finished #338 today. I don’t know how quickly I can finish the series, but it should be months, at least. I am already anticipating the joy.


3 Responses to “This American Life

  1. hayley Says:

    back on the wagon I see. Yeah there are few greater pleasures than This American Life. You should get your hands on the ¨best of¨double disc somehow, it is fabuloso.

  2. Thomas Says:

    Dude, are you serious?

    I never told you about This American Life?

    I don’t believe it.

    I’ve been an Ira devotee for years…not to mention David Sedaris, David Rackhoff, Sarah Vowell, all the greats…oh my.

  3. nick Says:

    hi there,
    you don’t know me, but this post came up when i googled david rackhoff. just thought i’d mention that i SERIOUSLY suggest that you get your hands on episode 339… it’s called frenemies. most of the acts are a tad weak but there’s a story told in verse by david rackhoff that is about the best thing i’ve ever heard.

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