Power and Murder

January 29, 2008

My sister’s fiancé lives in an apartment building called “Red Square”. On top of the building is one of those giant statues of Lenin from the communist era. I was visiting there one night with a group of my sister’s friends who, like me, are libertarians. Naturally, the conversation turned to how odd it is that the Soviet Union is now seen as kitschy and fun, despite the fact that Soviet leaders killed millions of their citizens. As one of my sister’s friends pointed out, you would never hang a picture of Hitler in your home, not even as a joke. So why is it acceptable to put up a giant statue of a Soviet leader?

Here is an interesting post in which the author talks about his re-evaluation of the number of people killed in China under Mao. His totals:

Mao: 76,692,000
Soviet Union, 1917-1989: 61,911,000
Hitler, 1933-1945: 20,946,000


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