The Economics of Love

April 2, 2008

This post will be stupid.

Occasionally, people will say to me, “Economics is all about money, and there are other things in life besides money, so Economics is misguided.” Well, I agree that Economics will not answer all the questions you’ve ever had about life, but it’s simply untrue to say it’s just about money. Economics can be about love, or anything else people prefer.

So while I was waiting for my train this morning, I thought of the following lines that might succeed in sweeping an economist off of his or her feet.

1. My Demand Curve for You is Highly Inelastic

2. Life and You are Perfect Complements

3. You’re a Monopsonist in the Market for my Heart

4. You Lift Me to a Higher Demand Curve

5. You Make Me Unambiguously Better Off

6. My Comparative Advantage is in Loving You

and for lost love:

7. My Profits are Being Competed Away

Don’t even try to act like I didn’t warn you that this post was going to be stupid.


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