April 23, 2008

I just finished listening to this week’s EconTalk podcast, and it’s fantastic, as it often is. The theme this week is that there is no sense in which the rich “need” to keep poor people down in order to stay rich, and in fact that’s not how the observed economy has worked, if you look at economic history in America. I highly recommend it, though you can skip the first five minutes or so where he talks about the results of some listener survey they did (this might have been better placed at the end of the show).

It happens far too often that I find myself talking past people who take a different perspective on economics than I do. Through his EconTalk podcasts, Russ Roberts does a good job of presenting economic arguments in a way that is intuitive. I think that’s a fantastic goal for a teacher of economics; in most economic classes, where the focus is on charts and assumptions, we are losing a huge opportunity to present the important insights that the field has. Economics matters a lot, but most people who have taken only an introductory economics course would have no idea why.


One Response to “EconTalk”

  1. T L Holaday Says:

    I am disappointed that you do not wish to hear views that do not confirm the opinions you already hold. (source)

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