Wilkinson on Democrats vs. Republicans

July 18, 2008

In a post that vaguely ties in with my earlier thoughts on Howard Zinn, Will Wilkinson writes good stuff, including this paragraph:

It turns out that the Democratic party is also run by very, very wealthy people and interests. It also strikes me as lazy to assume that because the GOP isn’t beholden to various interest groups thatclaim to represent the working classes in the way the Democrats are, then the people with real power in the Republican party ipso facto have no sincere moral interest in the welfare of the working class.

As I wrote before, I don’t mean to be cynical by claiming that politicians serve the interests of the people who put them in power. That doesn’t imply that politicians are evil or have no morals. Rather, it is just a necessary implication of the fact that groups who have the power to form a government have interests, and these groups don’t want people who act contrary to those interests be a part of their government.


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