The Dangers of Making Your Own Decisions

September 22, 2008

The Washington Post carries an editorial today that’s enough to make a libertarian cry. In it, the editors present the dangers of salvia, a plant which they allege to be a “powerful hallucinogen.” The dangers of salvia include… well, they don’t know of any dangers so far. But even so,

Given the rapid rise in its use, the Drug Enforcement Administration and the Food and Drug Administration should conduct a formal review to determine whether access to it should be restricted or banned.

How can we allow a significant number of people to choose for themselves which substances to ingest? Who are they supposed to rely on to make these kinds of decisions? Their friends and colleagues? Their own stupid selves? Pshaw! Clearly, only the government can provide the kind of analysis people need in order to be informed. Still, if we do find that salvia is potentially harmful, even promulgating that information won’t be enough to convince some idiots, so we should probably go ahead and ban or restrict access to the substance, just to keep everybody safe.

As they say in the blogosphere, </sarcasm>.


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