Scary Isomorphism

January 14, 2009

In the past few days, I’ve been reading socialist literature. On someone’s recommendation, I skimmed Paul D’Amato’s The Meaning of Marxism on Sunday. Today, I discovered this page of essays on Capitalism.

As one might expect, I’ve found the essays to be uniformly ridiculous. The scary part is that in thinking over my objections to the socialist argument, I realize that my view of the absurdity of socialism maps perfectly onto what others must think of anarchism.

If they both have to stand or fall together, I’d have to bite the bullet and say this indicates that anarchism is false, rather than that socialism is true. I would sooner argue that frogs are hedgehogs than that the statements and embedded assumptions in this:

[S]tate manipulation of money (via interest rates) is essential for the capitalist class as it allows indirect profit-generating activity, such as ensuring a “natural” level of unemployment to keep profits up, an acceptable level of inflation to ensure increased profits, and so forth…

are true.


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