No More Cynics!

January 21, 2009

I’m with Mark Corrigan:

Ladies and gentlemen, you’ll forgive me. I haven’t prepared a proper speech, but then, perhaps that’s appropriate, since this isn’t a proper wedding. [awkward pause] Or, so the cynics may say. But I say to those cynics, “Listen cynics, this is the modern world, and just because it’s new and strange and unnerving, doesn’t mean it’s not…brilliant.” […]

I think the rest of us can unite in all saying, two fingers to the cynics, and, raising our glasses… To true love!

(Series 2, Episode 6)

And, as usual, Will Wilkinson:

Some question the scale of our ambitions. They simply forget that we can DO ANYTHING. All your objections no longer apply, so don’t try to object cynics

You know I would like to go on and on about this, so you can take my restraint as praise for the greatness of democracy and how far we’ve come.


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