Bubbles and Pathos

April 13, 2009

Waylon: Look, forgiveness from other folks is good, but ain’t nothin’ but words comin’ at you from outside. You want to kick this shit, you got to forgive your own self. Love yourself some, brother. And then drag your sorry ass to some meetings.

Bubbles: Meetings?

Waylon: What the fuck do you wanna hear? That you strong enough to do this by yourself? Gettin’ clean’s easy part. Now comes life.

I (finally) finished watching season one of The Wire over the weekend, and I would have liked to base this post around some kind of argument on morality, but instead I’m just going to write it along the lines of, “Hey, here were some cool parts in season one!” You’re probably better off.

“You know what I’m saying?”

From an economic perspective, I recognize that McNulty has made Bubbles strictly better off by giving him $20. So why is my initial reaction to say, “McNulty, you assh*le”? 

This is a theme that comes up a lot in season one. There is a lot of material on the relationship between community norms and personal morality. D’Angelo and Wallace want to get out, but feel the pull of community ties and the mundanity of life away from the projects. As the amazing Waylon says, getting clean is the easy part. Now comes life.


One Response to “Bubbles and Pathos”

  1. Thomas Says:

    Wallace! Wallace!!! (sigh)

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