How-to: Eat Life Cereal

February 18, 2010

1. Overarching principle: Eating any cereal with milk is a race against time, as you try to eat all the cereal before it turns soggy and disgusting. Life cereal is the most extreme case, and you have only seconds after exposing the cereal to milk in which the cereal is still at full deliciousness.

2. With Life, it pays to adopt strategies for keeping your cereal dry that would take too much effort for other cereals.

3. One of the best methods I have found is this:

  • immediately after pouring in the milk, pick up the bowl and hold it in one hand an angle, so that most of the milk pools towards the front of the bowl.
    (Note: This means you don’t want to use very much milk. Think roughly 1/2 the amount that you would use on other cereals)
  • use your spoon to push as much of the cereal as you can towards the back of the bowl, thus keeping it as dry as possible
  • when you are ready to take a bite, pick up some (relatively dry) cereal from the back of the bowl, and quickly  dip this cereal in the milk before bringing it to your mouth to be eaten

4. Even this method is not perfect, as you generally need to pour in the milk while the bowl is still on the table, thus exposing all the cereal to some amount of milk at an early stage. However, this method is less costly than using two bowls, and makes a reasonable trade-off between cost and reward.

5. This method can also be profitably used with a bowl of Frosted Mini-Wheats

6. Eating a bowl of granola this way is unlikely to be worth the effort.

Enjoy your cereal!


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