The Big Questions

March 4, 2010

I’ve enjoyed all of Steven Landsburg’s books, and so I’ve been wanting to read his latest, The Big Questions, for a while now. As with most things, I didn’t want to pay for it, though. A dilemma. Fortunately, I waited long enough that someone gave me a copy for free. Here’s an excerpt:

Most of your beliefs are ill-considered. That’s because you’re no fool. Your time and energy are limited, and you prosper by focusing on a few well-chosen areas.

Fortunately, most of your beliefs don’t matter. You can believe the most outlandish things about the origin of the Universe, or extrasensory perception, or the implications of the trade deficit, and still perform brilliantly as an accountant, a cabdriver, or a professor of English literature. And you can still be a good friend and a great parent, too.

The next several chapters are about the beliefs that most people would discard in a moment if they had any occasion to think hard about them. [p. 39]

The book is good, go buy it.


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