Mad Men vs. Quantum Leap

March 26, 2010

Now I’ve seen the first two episodes of Mad Men. I can write an episode.

Ad Man: It’s the 60’s!
Woman: Yes, sir.
Ad Man: Because it’s the 60’s, I’m sexist!
Woman: Yes, sir.

Exit Woman. Enter Other Ad Man.

Ad Man: Now I’m going to trick some people into buying this product.
Other Ad Man: Hold on, I need to light a cigarette. Okay, what is the product?
Ad Man: Who knows or cares? Some useless crap.

Slowly zoom in on Ad Man, possibly play some music

Ad Man:  But we’re going to be able to sell it successfully, because we’re selling an image.
Other Ad Man: Wow! That’s profound. You’ve done it again.
Ad Man: Thanks. I’m going to smoke a cigarette and drink a drink to celebrate.
Other Ad Man: Good. Now, where’s that woman? I want to go be sexist to her.

The End.

So, I’m not exactly a fan of this show. Ironically, I find Quantum Leap less preachy, even though Dr. Sam Beckett is constantly preaching to people to change their closed-minded ways. But at least he’s actually from the future, so he has an excuse to focus on the sexism and racism that were common within his lifetime. Also, he’s being steered by an unknown force into situations where he has to put right what once went wrong, so it makes sense that people have perhaps more negative attitudes than the average.

But Mad Men? Come on. I mean, I realize that people were sexist and racist, but I have a hard time believing that they went out of their way to show how sexist and racist they were, every moment of every day. It’s really distracting.


One Response to “Mad Men vs. Quantum Leap”

  1. Rrrobert! Says:

    Give it a while. It’s up front in the first few episodes to get you used to how pervasive the racism and sexism is, so it gets to be part of the stitching of the show. Thereafter, it’s less heavy handed, with a few exceptions.

    It’s not the first show about a crumbling facade of conformity, and the themes aren’t solely responsible for its success. It’s well written, well acted, and it just looks so pretty.

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