More on Regulation

August 18, 2010

One more thing I wanted to mention, since using fictional evidence, even from a realistic show like The Wire, is not entirely kosher. I took the MVP bus from New York to DC over the weekend, which brought me on a half-hour tour through Baltimore. Going through the city, I was astonished at how many abandoned, boarded-up properties there were. My curiosity piqued, I googled “abandoned properties Baltimore” and discovered that there are 30,000 vacant properties in the city, 10,000 of which are owned by Baltimore itself.

Google also says the population of Baltimore is 785,000. I’m not claiming that there would be a 100% occupancy rate without government regulations, but the huge number of these properties to me indicates that there is something interfering with the operation of this market. Stories like this one, about a woman who has great difficulty acquiring a vacant home next door to her, confirm my suspicion.


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